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Contact Information        Mailing address:
Office:     (608) 526-4424        St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish
FAX:        (608) 526-3177        515 North Main Street
Kitchen: (608) 526-4991        Holmen, WI 54636

Email: SEAS883@charter.net

Mission Statement

The parish of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton is established to bring us together as a Catholic Faith Community.  Our parish life centers on the Eucharist, during which we celebrate the presence of the Risen Lord among us.  As a baptized faith community, we the people of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish are open to the Spirit of Jesus who brings to us new life.

We provide support for all our members through liturgy, worship, the sacraments, religious education, service and social events.  We reflect a familial love in our ministry to one another.  We are witnesses to the Christ who has touched our lives.  We are His Church and proclaim His Gospel.  We pursue justice and peace.  We are responsible to the community at large of Holmen, the Diocese and the World.

Music Ministry

  • Adult Choir - Rehearses every Thursday evening from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM and every Sunday at
    9:45 AM.  They sing every Sunday at the 10:15 AM Mass.
  • Family Choir - Rehearses at 4:15 PM on the Saturdays that they sing.  They sing the second Saturday of each month. 
  • Children's Choir - Rehearses every other Thursday from 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM beginning February 3, 2011.  They sing at one Mass each month: February 19 at 5PM, March 20 at 10:15AM, April 17 at 8AM, and May 21 at 5PM.
  • Cantors/Instrumentalists- Play and sing at Mass as available. Contact Amy at music@seasholmen.org to learn more


  • Baptism - Baptism involves membership in the church.  Parents are to attend two sessions early in the pregnancy.  This sacrament will be celebrated at Sunday Liturgies.
  • Reconciliation - Saturdays at 4:00 p.m. or make an appointment to celebrate this sacrament.
  • First Eucharist - A  family preparation program is reinforced by the  Wednesday night Religious Education classes in second grade.
  • Confirmation - One-and-a-half years preparation program in 9th and 10th grade.
  • Marriage - Our church is trying to create successful marriages.  This takes some time.  Arrangements for a wedding date are to be made at least six months before the anticipated date.
  • Anointing of the Sick - Communal celebrations in Fall & Spring.  Individual celebrations upon request.  Please call the office when family members are hospitalized.

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Web Policy

Goals to expand our web site:

  • Expand the content to include other parish activities and organizations.
  • Create an archive of past bulletins and newsletters.
  • Provide the opportunity to see fellow parishioners and the activities they are involved with at St. Elizabethís.
  • Provide contacts for parish activities in case you are interested in participating or providing event information.
  • Keep information dynamic, up-to-date and a regular source for parish information.
  • Develop an email distribution list to allow parish staff to send out information or special notices.

Guidelines for our web site:

  • If you are interested in having information posted, stop by the office or email Mary Jacobson
  • The same is true if your group or activity would like to expand the web site similar to what was published for the KCís. We can meet with the Web team to help provide planning and contact information
  • Privacy - We will have the opportunity to share more information. It is not our intention to offend anyone. If you prefer not to have photos or information published about you or your family, please let Mary Jacobson know.
  • Privacy consent for parish youth. During enrollment for the 2005/2006 religious education classes, there will be a checkbox added if you give permission to post various class or individual youth achievements on the web site. This consent will need to be renewed each year during the enrollment timeframe.
  • To publish information consistent with the Catholic Church, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Parish and to promote our values as good Christians.
  • Web page contacts - Every web page will have a contact email address. This will allow you to quickly inform the respective web page author if there are errors, omissions or issues of privacy.

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - A Roman Catholic Parish - Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin

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